CHIROTRACTOR CT-L Flyer und Printanzeige

The newly designed and functionally optimized Chirotractor CT-L ensures back stabilization by stretching, solution and prevention.
An effective training equipment for many of your customers to self-effectively release tension on the back muscles.

Customer Experience

Dr. Maier from PhysioTec Kronberg and his technical director Mr. Schütz report on their experiences with the Chirotractor CT-L.

EPIONICS Study Results

Excerpt: [...] After the first one-time Chirotractor application (1 x left and right side respectively) out of 38 cases in total
33 test persons (86.84%) successfully resolved the LWS / SIG blockages. The 5 non-responders were successfully freed from blockages after another chirotractor application (ie 2 times on each side in total). [...]