Extreme Light. Practical.

Gigantex carbon wheelchairs make everyday life more comfortable than ever.

a quick overview


This surprisingly light carbon-wheelchair is ideal for young people and independent people.


Innovative full carbon wheelchair with patented quick-folding system. light, sturdy and comfortable.


The light version of the MF015. Benefit from lower costs with only a small weight change.

Carbon of the highest quality

The carbon-wheelchairs are made of advanced carbon fiber material that enables the structure stiffness and a special damping LCP fiber is employed to create the hardness. A perfect harmony is reached and can only be done with a long-term and experienced craftsmanship.

About Gigantex

Gigantex are among the best composite manufacturing companies in Asia. Its 20 years of RD, QA, management and manufacturing experiences give her a lead to any others in the bicycle, automobile, industrial application and now medical industries.

The wheelchair design and development started from 2007, after 10 years hardworking, our wheelchair design has finally reached to a mature status. It was also a 2017 IF Design Award winner.